Top Ten Gift Ideas for Technology Geeks

Most everyone has someone in their life who wears dress pants, a button-up shirt and a humorous tie. This person is most likely carrying a high technology cell-phone or personal digital assistant in their pocket, as well as an LED flashlight and does not travel without a laptop. These people often work in computer, engineering and math fields, but they are certainly not limited to those professions. Most of us know one of these “Dilberts” in our lives, and as you might already know, they’re not terribly easy to buy for. Their tastes are often eccentric and they have interests that most people do not. Here is a list of gifts the technologists in your life/
10. Windows Vista – Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system is going to come out very soon, and anyone who uses Windows will certainly want to upgrade. Microsoft’s newest operating system features amazing new graphics and a number of new features. Before going out and buying Windows Vista for the geek in your life, be sure they use Windows, a good number of technologists use the Linux or MacOSX operating systems.

9. Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard – Most technologists already have a smart phone or personal digital assistant with Bluetooth technology. This new keyboard is very compact and projects a keyboard onto a flat service that users can type on, allowing your geek to be much more efficient when sending email and text messages on the go, it can be found from $150 to $200.

8. Duct-Tape Wallet – The geek in your life probably likes to set him or her self a part from others. By giving them a duct-tape wallet, they will be able have a fully functioning wallet that is different than the traditional brown or black wallet that seemingly everyone has. They will also be able to show it off to all of their other technology interested friends for a good laugh! Various manufacturers make duct-tape wallets and they range from $10 to $20.

7. ThinkGeek Caffiene Sampler Pack – If there’s anything technologists use excess, it has to be caffeine. Most geeks drink coffee or pop to make it through the day and well into the night. The ThinkGeek caffeine sample pack includes various types of caffeinated gum, mints and candies, making it a sure fire present for any geek in your life! The pack can be purchased for about $25.

6. Touch Screen Hand-Held Sudoku – This Japanese invented game has moved overseas and is sweeping America’s newspapers. There is now a Sudoku puzzle in nearly every major newspaper nation wide, and if your technologist loves Sudoku as many of them do, a hand-held election Sudoku game is the perfect gift! These devices can be purchased for about $20 online.

5. Star Trek 40th Anniversary Phaser – Star Trek and science fiction in general is one of the most popular television shows of all time for those in the geekier set. In star trek, the Phaser was the equivalent of a hand held gun that shoots laser. The replica features realistic lights and sounds and would be a welcome toy for even older geeks. The phaser can be purchased online from a number of retails for approximately $30.

4. WiFi Detection Device – A number of companies produce these devices. They scan the 2.4 GHZ band and detect any wireless networks that might exist. This will save your geek the time of opening his or her laptop and scanning for a wireless network when they can just quick look at one of these devices. Depending on the model and the features in the device, they can be found from $30 to $70.

3. Targus Matrix Backpack – Every user of technology needs a way to carry around all of their gear, most specifically a backpack that can carry a laptop and keep it safe from impacts. The stylish black backpack features a number of compartments for personal digital assistants, cell phones, digital cameras, and has an extra padded laptop holder. The backpack can be purchased for about $60 online

2. LED Binary Clock – Those who deal with computers on a regular basis already know how to count in binary, which is a way of counting numbers with only ones and zeroes. This clock displays the times with a series of LED lights indicating whether a bit is on or off. This inexpensive device can be found for approximately $20 online.

1. There’s No Place Like Floor Mat – For those not in the know, “” is an internet address that signifies a loop back to your own computer, also known as “home.” This floor mat is a great way for geeks to welcome others into their home, and will give anyone who knows a bit about computer networking a great laugh!