Hay Day

Hay Day is a free game that is published and developed by Supercell. It is available to play on iOS as well as on Android. It is quite a popular game amongst the players and a large revenue generating game for the publishers.It can be played on mobiles as well as on tablets and is considered as number one game in over 122 countries. It is a free game to download and to install. There are however, in app purchases which are of course, optional to purchase if the player wants these for real money.

The game is all about running a farm. The plot is that the uncle who was previously looking after the farm is unable to do so and he has given the responsibility to the player to run the farm on his behalf now. As the game starts, a scarecrow is teaching the player about how to harvest wheat. The players sell goods through which they earn coins, which are used to buy things in game like decoration items, production buildings as well as experience points or XP which is used to get ahead in the game by going a level up. Players develop and form different neighborhoods in the game and they can assist each other as well through the function of chat. This way they can share details, tricks and tip with each other!

It is about learning about the land, tending to your crops and trading your goods and fresh goods with your friends and neighbors. You even get to fulfill your orders through your truck and even through your steamboat. Moreover, you get to repair the dock and even go fishing in the waters. Hay Day is a great game where your crops will never die even though it never rains but that’s only if you use the hay day hack tool! The farm is not just crops but there are farm animals to make it more lively and real. You build your own farm and your own town and then you welcome visitors.

It is a simulation game with great animations and graphics, easy enough for anyone to play, although the age limited according to the game is 13 years and above. It is a simple game but keeps your hooked as you watch you farm develop, your factories grow and sell products, all this count as quite a pleasant experience.

This game is quite popular with the players and has received over five million five star reviews on the internet.

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