Important gears in Guns of Boom

Weapons are important as well as for defending the enemy’s attack you will be needing better armour. So let’s see what are the important gears that you should definitely have to save you from the enemy.

Helmets: For the security of the head you will have to go for the Fumigator Combat Helmet. If you know about the game then you will notice that on a performing headshots player is given extra rewards because headshots cause maximum damage. So picking this helmet is very effective as it is the best among all the other helmets available in this game. When you will be losing the health count with the fumigator then whenever you will be killing your enemies you will again regain back your health by 25%. So this is probably the best offer which a helmet can provide to its player.

Jacket: Jacket is considered to be the vital body armour. Always pick the best jacket among the available one because during the shooting time 90% of the bullets which are coming from your enemy is going to hit the jacket. So for surviving till the last in this game do not compromise while purchasing the jacket.

Legs: Surprisingly, in this game, you won’t be able to invest the gunbucks for availing the pants and for that you will need to spend some gold. Pants are very important. If you avail the basic pant then it will cost you 158 gold which is quite huge when you are comparing it with the opportunities of availing the gold. So for protecting yourself, make sure that you are purchasing the Basic Panther Pant. This pant will help you to enhance the moving speed of yours by 20%. Having a machine gun along with panther pant is definitely going to make you the deadly warrior of this game.

Not everyone will concentrate on purchasing the gears, but having a heavy weapon is not enough for surviving till the last. You will have to protect your body from the attack of the enemy as the bullet is going to hit you anywhere without your knowledge. So do not compromise on the gears so make sure you have at least all the above mentioned 3 gears with yourself. Make sure you have enough Guns Of Boom Free Gunbucks by using a guns of boom tool because it will help you to avail several ammunition and extra facilities in this game.

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