How to win free diamonds in Hay Day

Hay Day is a great game that has recently become very popular with gamers. It can be played on tablets as well as on phones, whether it is MAC, Android or iOS systems. It is free to download but there are options for in app purchases that the players can use to get ahead quickly.

The main goal of the game is to get ahead by having a profitable farm and where you grow your crops, harvest them and then sell them off in the market. You also have livestock in the farm and you also get to decorate your farm the way you please. As you level up, you get ahead in the game and more and more options to purchase different things keep on coming up. The more profitable your farm is, the better your game will be.

There are hay day diamonds in the game that can get you ahead in the game quickly. Using your diamonds in the game will help you build things rather than having to wait for a long time. It also helps you level up in the game faster than the regular time and increase your progress in the game. The tip is to keep your diamonds handy and stock up on them as you play the game. As the game progresses, it takes longer for things to get done and using your diamonds then makes more sense and they become handier to have a good supply of them. The best idea is to not use your diamonds in the early stages of the game but save them for later. Diamonds however, can also be purchased with real money if you want.

As you keep on getting ahead in the levels, you will be given one or two diamonds per level. Initially when you start the game you have about thirty diamonds in total with you. So use them wisely.

If you connect using your Face book account, you will automatically get five diamonds to start off the game with. Using your face book account to play the game also helps you to stay in touch with your Facebook friends who are playing this game and you get to see their farms as well.

Keep an eye on for Purple tickets, through which you can watch a game trailer. These tickets will appear occasionally and will show up right next to the newspaper icon on your screen. When you click on these tickets, you will get to watch a 30 second trailer of the game. When you watch the complete trailer, you will end up earning some free diamonds.

These and more are certain ways of earning free diamonds, make sure to use them wisely!

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